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Alternatively, an important local event, such as a symposium on youth violence, can be an excellent time to get the message out. Determine exactly what you want to know What, exactly, do you want to know?Are you just looking for statistics, or do you want to collect some qualitative information (life stories, local heroes, etc.) as well? Do you want one person to focus on collecting the data, or do you want to have several people working on it? Identify possible sources of information There are a lot of different places where you can find relevant information, depending on your topic. Set limits as to how much information you want to collect Too much information will be just as much of a problem as not enough.Some of the best include: So, how do you go about finding this information?There are two ways to go about it: you can use information that's already out there (after all, there's no sense in reinventing the wheel); or, if what you are looking for just doesn't seem to exist, you can collect new information yourself.Perhaps the information that you have found has made you realize there is other helpful information that you didn't originally research.For example, when you were researching the rate of people who have HIV in your community, maybe you realized that many of these people have at least one other sexually transmitted disease (STD) as well.Quantitative information is crucial to building awareness and gathering support for community issues.Hard data analysis provides a concrete approach for assessing, planning, and implementing community projects.

Identify the method of collecting information that is best suited to your purpose. Decide if you want to inform the public of what you are doing.This is really two decisions: Additionally, many organizations find it a good idea to collect information on a regular basis, such as once a year.This helps you to keep on top of the latest information (always helpful for grantmakers, as well as for your constituents), as well as to determine your effectiveness, as we mentioned above.The Godnaw County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program is in the process of finding out how this figure has changed in the last eight years." Remember, though, that when you tell people what you are doing, they will usually have questions.So be prepared with a clear process for responding to any queries or concerns that might arise. Train the people who will be collecting the information.

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