Topamax expiration dating

People who notice an odor may return the tablets to their pharmacist or contact their health care professional, the company says in its statement.

Ortho-Mc Neil Neurologics recalled about 57,000 bottles of the migraine medicine Topamax after four consumer complaints about a foul odor, the company said today.

It says it is investigating what has happened to cause the consumer complaints and is trying to understand how the chemical is “impacting our supply chains and what we can do to further mitigate this exposure.” The recall is being implemented in cooperation with the FDA.

J&J says TBA is not considered toxic but can generate an “offensive odor” and that a “very small number of patients” have reported temporary gastrointestinal symptoms.

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The bottles have the lot numbers 0KG110 or 0LG222, with the expiration dates of 06-2012 and 09-2012, respectively. If there's no foul odor, consumers don't have to do anything for this recall.

Call the company at (866) 536-4398 weekdays between 9 a.m.

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