Mom do sex chat with her own son

She was lying on her bed, fucking herself, thinking of me.

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she looked really tierd , probably she would have told the truth that she was busy earlier…… i waited for few minutes again sent her a sms “did you comparing the size of my penis with the can! ” I sent her”That wouldn’t be keeping with the rules.” I wanted to know more about my mom , hit the bullet again asking her… ” I simply answered “Yes.” I sent her a msg “Its my turn, do you shave” couldnt beleive my mom would send me “ya i do , but its been a while, now its hairy!!!!she was wearing her favourite blue colour sari, with a cut sleeve matching blouse, which exposes her outline of the bra. I was watching Tv and saw her back with a yellow coloured nightie. ” thats it , she is not angry towards me, still enjoy chatting with someone in her sons age. ” “I know what u look like, so if you could tell me it would help me visualise you more, and yes, I’m in bed too….” Again, after a few minutes, I got the following reply from her……. ” Tit for Tat was a game we play since i was in school. ” i was expecting her reply, waited patiently and in few seconds… ” I sent her a msg ” what are you wearing” I know she was wearing a yellow colour nightie, got a reply …” im wearing a V neck yellow colour nightie with a blue colour panty and no bra , “ God i couldnt beleive it …. I’m young enough 2 b ur son, yet u want my cock inside ur wet cunt. I got up off my bed and put my ear against the adjoining wall of mom’s room.i can clearly see her cleavage as her sari was semi transparent…she prefers to tie the sari below her navel. I pray to god every time asking she has to wear the nightie everyday, coz its the only nightie which is a V neck and when ever she bends down i can have a very good look of her boobs, but i have never seen her without a bra. “sorry Rahul, really tired , still interested in chatting with me? ” I said “im single, working in a IT company, athletic and hits gym regularly”. i guess you should have rippling muscles.” I was really waiting for this answer!!!!! “I saw you near spencers daily few months back, and i followed you back till your home, i was shy to say ‘HI’ to you, saw your adv !! ” I wanted to take it further, asked her”How long u been single? I was thinking of lying, making up something along early 50’s as she is 47 old, but i decided to go with the real age…. so i never bothered about the concequences, straight away i told her… Trading questions and we weren’t allowed to give false answers. its amazingly turning me on, i tried to imagine my mom lying on her bed texting me like this, i wanted to open her bedroom door, climb on to her bed, and …… I strained a little at first, but then I heard her gently moaning. It was the kind of sound you hear when someone tastes something they like. I had been responsible for turning her on so much, that she was now pleasuring herself.Thank god she never mentioned about Rahul , I thought she would have forgot about the earlier chat conversation. I just asked my mom if she was wet with sexual excitement , something I often dreamed about, but now she was next door lying down, probably rubbing herself at me turning her on! If u were here, I’d love to have u lie on top of me, id wrap my long legs around you and pull you into my pussy!!! My tits want u 2 milk them.” I got the intention about my mom, wanted to make sure whether she would love to have sex with her son, so i sent her” u like me being ur son’s age don’t you. “yes I am a horny mother, fuck me, fuck me son….” ‘Fuck me son’?? My mom was not only turned on by texting a stranger, but now was openly fantasising about fucking her son.After dinner i went to my room, as I lay in bed, heard the sound of mom turning OFF the TV , I had an idea and wanted to try my luck now. I now didn’t need to hold my ear to the wall any more.

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