Mercurial close branch without updating

Such a clone is in fact just a directory on your hard drive.

Note: In Linux and Mac, the directory might seem empty. It contains at least a subdirectory called which is hidden in unix-like operating systems by default.

Then click Next, and you’ll see all Elexis Projects that are part of this repository.

Select those you want to import into your Eclipse workspace and click finish After this, you’ll probably see lots of errors. If some funny errors persist, you probably forgot to switch your workspace to UTF-8.

Unlike CVS or SVN, a DSCM does not rely on a single central repository.

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To Update a project in your workspace, right-click on the project and select .

From time to time you should integrate changes from the master repository into your clone to prevent it to differ to much from its parent.

To do this, right-click on one of the projects from this repository and select .

Remember: The clone is really a clone of the master repository and as such it contains every single commit, tag and branch that occurred to the master repository – so you can check out any repository position you like to your working directory and you can easily switch to any other repository branch without the need for an internet connection.

With this local clone, you can work as with any other SCM.

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