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Those who favor the Peninsular or Mandarin Oriental style will appreciate the decor aboard Europa 2.Think soft, rather calming colors and lots of limestone and steel fabrication.But for those who enjoy the small details associated with luxury cruising, in a decidedly European environment, the Europa’s rather strong worldwide itineraries might be worthy of consideration.But only if one is comfortable sailing one of the world’s great yachts in the company of German-speaking European fellow guests.But that does not necessarily mean that American guests are not welcomed.The crew speaks English as a second language and, given the interest in the Europa among sophisticated cruisers from Great Britain, certain cruises are designated as bi-lingual English/German sailings.

Lectures are cultural in nature and are offered in German.

Bus tours and on-board lectures are in German but earphone real-time translation devices are available and seem to do an adequate job.

Cabins are generally superior to those of other ships in the five-star category.

Space ratio comes in at 51 , a rather amazing statistic that explains the feeling of openness aboard Europa 2.

The Europa, with only sixty more guests than a Seabourn ship, has a truly excellent and comfortable Main Dining Room and four specialty restaurants.

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