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I think that I would have done this if I would set this up in a corporate environment.

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The DDNS standards allow a further method based on an asymmetric cipher called SIG(0).

DHCP was primarily designed to enable automatic and centralized provisioning of IP addresses and other configuration elements, such as, default router address, DNS server(s).

These additional elements are known as options in the DHCP jargon.

There are a number of ways this can be done as shown in figure 1 below: Figure 1 - DHCP DNS Update Flow Transactions 1 and 2: show the DHCP Client/Server dialog.

There are a further two messages exchanged (not shown simply to keep the diagram uncluttered), DHCPREQUEST in which the client confirms it got the request by echoing the DHCPOFFER and a final DHCPACK in which the server authorizes use of the IP.

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