Co worker dating site

So we take many precautions to protect ourselves and our clients.You'd be surprised at the range of people who walk through our doors.My job is a mix of customer service and fantasy fulfillment, and I love it.It suits my needs and allows me financial stability I never had access to before.Keeping our industry in the shadows keeps an unfair power balance in the hands of law enforcement and clients who mean us harm.We are human beings, who for many different reasons, but one main one – to provide for ourselves – have chosen sex work as our occupation.

We use condoms for all of our services – including condoms for blow jobs and dental dams for cunnilingus.

However, what I've noticed since starting this career is that there is a lot that the general public doesn't seem to get about sex work.

Here are some of the biggest misconceptions: I can describe my job many ways, but never as easy.

That's before the sex even starts, in which I'm generally doing most of the physical workload, putting emotional labor to make my clients feel at ease, listening to their deepest confessions, and trying to make sure they get their money's worth.

Sex work is a physically intimate therapy session for most of our clients.

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