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(This can even hold true for certain services outside the medical field: for example, legal clinics are run by lawyers.) Some clinics are operated in-house by employers, government organizations, or hospitals, and some clinical services are outsourced to private corporations which specialize in providing health services.

In China, for example, owners of such clinics do not have formal medical education.

However, many jurisdictions have "student practice" rules that allow law-clinic students to appear and argue in court.

Clinical legal studies exist in diverse areas such as immigration law, environmental law, intellectual property, housing, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, American Indian law, human rights and international criminal law.

Participation in many of these legal clinics lacks academic credits.

Lack of resources, lack of trained faculty for the purpose, lack of involvement of Bar Council Members leads to ineffective and weak clinical legal education in countries like India.

You can get more information online about Sexual Health Clinics, including clinic services, locations and hours. You can get more information online about Immunization Clinics, including locations and hours.

If you do not have health insurance or cannot pay the fee, you can still get services.

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For the British political term, see Surgery (politics). A clinic (or outpatient clinic or ambulatory care clinic) is a healthcare facility that is primarily focused on the care of outpatients.

Health insurance and billing practices vary by clinic type and may depend on the patient’s age, family size and income.

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According to Avani Bansal, In cases where parties cannot afford a lawyer and are provided legal services by the state, the quality of that legal representation is often questionable.

Therefore the need for clinical legal education, or establishing legal aid clinics at law schools, where law students can provide legal advice to indigent people.

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